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Pollution Solution

The smog tower sucks the polluted air, which is purified by the multiple layers before re-circulated into the atmosphere.

To purify the air; A highly effective H14 grade Highly Effective Particulate Arrest (HEPA) filter will be used.

This filter can clean 99.99% of the particulate matter (PM) present in the air with the help of pre-filter and activated carbon.

An estimate on air quality suggests that a tower will reduce 50% of the particulate matter load in an area 1 km in the wind direction, along the sides of the tower and 200 meters against the wind direction Will happen.

In open ground in calm weather, it can reduce particulate matter within 10 micrometers (PM10) by up to 45% and PM2.5 levels by 25% in an area of 20 meters around the tower, as detailed on the ENS.